Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fantagraphics Catalog

The recent Fantagraphics catalog has a color strip for BBB that won't appear in the book. It is a catalog exclusive! (or false advertising?)
I was once considering having the inside back cover be a bunch of short strips with the same characters, like in "The Mother's Mouth", but I axed that idea. So I sent the strips to Eric and asked if he'd put one in the catalog.
It's at the bottom of this page. Everyone has experienced this terrible feeling.

Here's another one I did that won't be published anywhere. It's about being a good listener:

My Dad went to a seminar on group communication and told me that studies have shown (most) people respond better to being repeated EXACTLY the same thing they've said. As opposed to putting it in your own words, like in my strip. The alternate version would read:

"I'm feeling low."

"So, you're feeling low?"

"YES!!!" (She understands me!)

Which is upsetting and not something I would want to draw.