Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BodyWorld at Pantheon

From this Publisher's Weekly article
"Dash Shaw, Pantheon Ink Deal
Pantheon has acquired the next book from Dash Shaw, the 25 year old comics artist that created the impressive new graphic novel Bottomless Belly Button, just published by Fantagraphics. Pantheon has acquired Shaw’s BodyWorld, an unusual comic that Shaw currently publishes online. The comic will stay online until it’s finished. PWCW’s Heidi McDonald profiled the artist in May and he was interviewed by PWCW’s Sunyoung Lee in 2006.
The deal was negotiated by agent Bob Mecoy. The book was acquired by Pantheon editorial director Dan Frank along with editor/designer Chip Kidd, who will both edit the book. Mecoy also said there was “unprecedented” interest in both Bottomless Belly Button and BodyWorld from Hollywood film studios, although no deal has been reached. Pantheon will publish BodyWorld in 2010. In addition, Duke University will mount an exhibition of Shaw’s work from September 25 to October 31 and Shaw will be interviewed at the showing on September 26 by acclaimed comics artist Gary Panter. Mecoy said another exhibition of Shaw’s work is also planned for New York City."

I didn't know it was scheduled for 2010 and then Bob Mecoy sent me this:
"2010 is a date, not necessarily the date. I told Calvin that we'd either be out in fall or winter 2009-2010 (that means between September '09 and April 2010). He simply picked the later date. There's been no discussion of a hard/firm date with Pantheon."