Sunday, December 16, 2007

Improved Spanish Edition

Earlier today I burned the CD to mail to Apa Apa Comics in Barcelona for the Spanish edition of "The Mother's Mouth." I took this second printing as an opportunity to go back and improve the book.

What would improve this book? Deleting a lot of pages.

I cut out twenty pages and redrew three and added the "Echo And Narcissus" comic adaptation to the end. I'm very happy with this version of the book! It's much better!

Also, it's nice to have "E&N" in there, since I think it's my best story and fits in nicely with "TMM." It was actually drawn after I'd finished the bulk of "TMM," even though it was published a year before. Huh.

It was easy to delete pages , since very little happens and it was a bunch of shorts/minicomics with the same characters pieced together. Everything fits together smoother now. I'm glad Apa Apa Comics gave me the opportunity to do this.